Three Bets Gets the Job Done for Kanic-Mitrovic

There were four players in the hand when the dealer spread the flop of :::jd:::ts:::6c. The action checked to Uros Kanic-Mitrovic on the button who bet 600. Szymon Bujok called from the small bling along with Leszek Wojtyla in the hijack.

The turn was the :::tc and both players checked to Kanic-Mitrovic again who bet 1,800. Bujok and Wojtyla still called and the :::as completed the board. The action checked to Kanic-Mitrovic one more time and he put together a bet of 6,600. Bujok tanked for a couple of minuted before finally folding while Wojtyla’s cards quickly followed into the muck.

Uros Kanic-Mitrovic55,000
Szymon Bujok27,500-2,500
Leszek Wojtyla14,000