Tight at the Top

Vladimir Nex :::jd:::7d raised to 300,00 and Omar Lakhdari :::4s:::3h defended his big blind.

Lakhdari check-called 275,000 on the :::9s:::3d:::6d flop and the turn was the :::9h. Lakhdari checked again and this time Nex bet 750,000, which Lakhdari also called.

The :::5d completed the board. It checked to Nex who, having rivered a flush, took his time before betting 2,375,000 leaving himself just 500,000 behind. Lakhdari contemplated his decision before folding.

Vladimir Nex5,775,0001,475,000
Omar Lakhdari5,760,000-1,040,000
Quoc Dung Le2,860,000-340,000