Togerman Eliminates Pirlanescu

Elhanen Togerman opened for 5,000 from the cutoff and Andrei Pirlanescu called from the big blind.

Pirlanescu jammed for 30,000 after the :::Qh:::5s:::5d came on the flop and Togerman, who had his opponent covered, snap called.

Andrei Pirlanescu: :::Qc:::9c
Elhanan Togerman: :::Ah:::Qs

Pirlanescu had two pair but wasn’t in the best of shape with Togerman holding the same two pair with a better kicker. It went from bad to worse for Pirlanescu after the :::As came on the turn as he was drawing dead before the :::6d completed the board on the river.

Elhanan Togerman 150,000 71,000
Andrei Pirlanescu 0 -29,750