Top Stacks Battling It Out

Stig Bjornli raised it up to 8,000 on the button and Gedas Petrauskas called from the big blind. The flop fell :::th:::5s:::5h and Petrauskas checked to Bjornli who continued for 10,000. Petrauskas check-raised to 27,000 and Bjornli called.

The turn was the :::9c and Petrauskas led out for 24,000. Bjornli still called and the :::ks completed the board. Petrauskas counted out a bet of 70,000 this time and Bjornli gave it some thought but decided to lay his hand down.

Gedas Petrauskas482,00050,000
Stig Bjornli423,000-10,000