Top Ten Stacks, and a New Name

Max Silver (pictured in High Roller event)

Here’s a look at the top ten stacks currently after Level 4. John Hanaphy is the first player over 100,000 in chips, and Andy Black is still playing a good stack as well.

Additionally, after finishing fourth in the High Roller, Max Silver decided to jump into Day 1a of the Main.

John Hanaphy 111,000 81,000
Tim Farrelly 75,000
Alex Kulev 73,000 17,000
Andy Black 71,000 1,000
Antii Salmela 71,000
Dex de Jong 66,000 28,000
Michael Muldoon 64,000 30,000
John Gough 63,000 12,000
Micha Kulesza 60,000
Leon Mihai Ani 57,000
Max Silver 30,000