Torissian Eliminated by Ellis

Benny Glaser was left short on the feature table but doubled through Henri Koivisto with the :::Ac:::Kc versus :::Ah:::5s, the board came {10h}:::7s:::6d:::9s:::6s and the kicker played.

On the outer tables, Nicolas Torossian defended his big blind against an under-the-gun raise by Joseph Ellis and check-called a bet on the :::Qs{10c}:::2c flop. On the :::9h turn, Torossian checked and got his stack in with :::Ks:::Qs for a pair and gutshot. Ellis had flopped a set with {10h}{10s} and the :::5c river failed to keep the Frenchman in contention.

Joseph Ellis700,000120,000
Benny Glaser160,000-110,000
Nicolas Torossian0-163,000