Trips for Xanthopoulous

Christos Xanthopoulous raised to 1,200 from middle position and saw Gordon Plomp three-bet to 3,500.

Monica Vaka cold-called from the button and Xanthopoulous also called.

The flop fell :::9d:::5h:::jh, and the action checked to Vaka who bet 6,000.

Xanthopoulous called before Plomp folded and the turn fell the :::ad. Both players checked through to the :::js river card, and s Xanthopoulous moved all in for 20,000.

Vaka went into the tank and counted out her stack before she made the call nearly 90 seconds later.

Xanthopoulous tabled :::kd:::jd for trips, and Vaka was forced to open-muck :::qs:::qh.

Christos Xanthopoulous 70,000
Monica Vaka 60,000 8,000