Tucknott Jams Up Stack

Pascal Rabany has further increased his stack and Frida Andersson eventually jumped above the starting stack after spending most of the previous levels well below that. Another player to take part in the action on the same table is Michael Tucknott and he was just spotted in a big pot with table neighbor Vlad Screciu, who entered recently.

More than 30,000 were in the middle when the board showed :::Qc:::5s:::2d:::3s:::7d and Screcia checked over to Tucknott, who jammed for what appeared to be 14,000. Screcia folded and Tucknott claimed the pot.

Pascal Rabany50,00010,000
Michael Tucknott45,000-3,000
Frida Andersson33,00018,500
Vlad Screciu30,00030,000