Tusnea and Sluis Eliminated After Dinner

Soon after coming back from the dinner break, Dwayne Sluis got it in with pocket nines on the feature table and Evangelos Bechrakis called with :::7c:::7h, spiking the :::7d on the turn.

The next player to fall was Mihai Tusnea. He got it in with :::Qd:::Jd against the {10s}{10d} of Nicolae Suciu and the board of :::Qs{10h}:::4s:::Jc:::7h gave Suciu a winning set.

Evangelos Bechrakis430,00010,000
Dmitrii Prusov350,000-70,000
Iulian Tataru328,00028,000
Nicolae Suciu230,00060,000
Mihai Tusnea0-32,100
Dwayne Sluis0-71,200