Two Doubles on the Bubble

Michael Erbil opened and called a three-bet shove from Hakim Chniyat for his opponent’s last 52,000.

Michael Erbil: :::qc:::th
Hakim Chniyat: :::kc:::kh

There were no dramas for Chniyat on the :::8h:::5h:::6h:::8d:::2h board and he doubled.

Meanwhile, Eric Qu shoved for 37,000 into a pot of 45,000 on a :::4d:::jh:::9d flop and was called by Dimitar Popov. When it was time for the cards to be shown, Qu held :::jd:::jc for top set against the :::ac:::3c of Popov.

The turn :::8c and river :::9s changed nothing and Qu became the second player in quick succession to double.

Dimitar Popov290,00073,000
Michael Erbil280,000-50,000
Eric Qu130,0008,000
Hakim Chniyat110,00055,000