Unibet celebrates billionth hand with special promotions

Unibet Poker is about to deal its billionth hand and is celebrating in style with cash prizes for the player who wins the hand as well as all other players involved in the hand. There will also be €10,000 freeroll tickets for any player taking part in any cash games and reaches ten flops on the same day.

It’s been five years since Unibet Poker launched its acclaimed standalone client and the rate of hands dealt on the site has been escalating fast. It took nearly a year for a hundred million hands to be dealt post-launch, but the pace has stepped up significantly since then – a hundred million hands have been dealt in the last four months alone.

Unibet can’t pinpoint the exact date and time that the billionth hand will be dealt but it’s expected to take place in just under two weeks’ time. The winner of the billionth hand will receive an extra €1,000 in cash along with their winnings, regardless of which stakes the hand is dealt on. All other players who were dealt cards in the hand will receive a €200 consolation prize. On top of that, all players that play any cash game hands on the day that Unibet Poker deals Hand Number 1,000,000,000 will automatically receive a ticket to a €10,000 Freeroll.

Unibet has long been dedicated to putting players first, and the launch of a bespoke client five years ago was aimed at giving all players a level playing field and making poker fun again. The first build of the new proprietary client was released in 2014, created by Relax Gaming, with the second iteration of Unibet Poker launched in 2016. It has proved hugely popular with players and now includes the addition of HexaPro, a jackpot Sit and Go game featuring a truly exciting lottery feature and more high multiplier winners.

Unibet prides itself on being forward-thinking and innovative. The new poker client is one of the smoothest around, and also the easiest to understand for new players. Important player safeguards were built into the current Unibet client – third-party programs are not allowed, and nor is seat or table selection. The aim is to make poker fun so that players have a great time, whatever the stakes they are playing at. The smallest games have a very low rake and three alias changes are allowed per day. There are also always plenty of challenges, missions, and integrated promotions. The client is easy to use and there’s a near identical product across all the platforms, as well as web browser versions on both desktop and mobile.

Kristoffer Bergvall, Head of Unibet Poker, said: “We are very proud of what we have achieved at Unibet Poker and excited that we are about to deal the billionth hand. This is an incredible milestone in just five years, and we look forward to rewarding a huge number of players on the day, especially the player who wins the hand. We can’t predict the exact moment the hand will be dealt but it’s obviously in player interests to be playing on the site over the next few weeks!”