Unibet Poker Ambassador Lappin Eliminated

Catching up on the action on a :::5c:::qs:::9s:::7c board, Unibet Poker Ambassador David Lappin had checked to Michael Zielinski who bet 4,500 into a pot of around 10,000.

Lappin check-raised all in for 30,500 and Zielinski tanked.

"What do you have and I’ll tell you what to do," said Lappin eventually.

"I have no doubt," came the reply from Zielinski.

Eventually Zielinski called. Lappin showed :::4c:::6c for an open-ended straight flush draw. Zielinski showed :::as:::2s for an ace-high flush draw.

"Didn’t think that was the hand I was getting to fold!" said Lappin as the river :::th bricked and Zielinski sent Lappin to the rail.

Michal Zielinski 70,000
David Lappin 0 -37,000