Updates on the Sides

Monica Vaka, QueenRules winner

Event 14: Pot Limit Omaha

The Pot Limit Omaha event ended up with a total of 40 runners, which built a €6,000 prize pool. They split it five ways, with the final results as follows:

Place Player Country Prize
1 Mark Buckley Ireland €2,300
2 Marco Herman Netherlands €1,430
3 Matthew Gilmartin England €980
4 Sjors Harmens Netherlands €730
5 Joaquim Braz de Oliveria   €560

Event #15: QueenRules Ladies Event

The ladies event drew 13 runners, which built a prize pool of €1,430. Unibet Ambassador Monica Vaka took down the top prize of €500, with Charlotte van Brabander taking second place for €320 and Dehlia de Jong taking third for €220.

Event #16: Unibet Superstack

The two day Superstack event is well into their Day 1, with 119 total runners taking their shot. With play in Level 13, they are now down to 29 remaining with 15 cashing spots available. The first player to cash in 15th place will win €630, with €9,900 up top for the winner. Unibet is well represented in the Superstack with two ambassadors, Dara O’Kearney and David Lappin, still in action.

Event #19: Irish Poker

The last side event of the day is a local variant called Irish poker. All players get dealt four cards preflop, but once the flop betting is over, they must choose two cards from their hand to discard. They had 25 total runners, generating a prize pool of €3,750, and that will be split four ways. There are currently 10 players remaining in action.