Urbonas into Monster Chip Lead

Earlier, Mantas Urbonas was challenging Gilles Segers for the overall chip lead, but as the Dutch player faltered, Urbonas has made no such mistake and has soared ahead to around 300,000 in chips.

His stack dwarfs those of the other players at the table, with Jerome Brion’s 120,000 the closest in comparison.

Just over two levels remain in the day, with Urbonas’ sights now firmly set on potentially bettering Michel Leibgorin’s 532,000 from yesterday’s ‘Paris Edition’ Unibet Open flight.

Mantas Urbonas300,000150,000
Jerome Brion120,00050,000
Romain Piraux80,00030,000
Alban Juen70,000-5,000
Martin Soukup65,00020,000
Lucas Amzalak50,000-40,000
Vasile Oros40,000-40,000
Anko Hoogendijk40,000-70,000