Vaara Doubles Through Lorenzen

No less than five players saw a flop together after James Mackenzie had opened the action. On the :::6h:::3d:::7c flop Mackenzie checked to Lorenzen, who bet 10,000. Behind Lorenzen, Ilari Vaara made it 25,000 to go and the other three players quickly folded.

Lorenzen gave it some thought before moving all in. Slightly frustrated, Vaara slammed his remaining 30,000 in the middle to make the call.

Kasper Lorenzen: :::9s:::7s
Ilari Vaara: :::9d:::9h

Much to his surprise, Vaara was in fantastic shape to double up. The :::Ah turn and :::3h river weren’t one of the remaining sevens and Lorenzen had to part with a quarter of his massive stack.

Kasper Lorenzen 160,000 -35,000
Ilari Vaara 140,000 18,000