Van Belzen Doubles

Jeroen van Belzen opened at the end of the previous level to 3,600 from the cutoff and Dimitrios Kalaroutis three-bet to 8,000 on the button, van Belzen called. On the :::Js:::7c:::3s flop, van Belzen check-called 8,000 before the :::3h turn was checked through.

On the :::8d river, van Belzen bet 13,000 with another 34,100 and Kalaroutis shoved to put his opponent at risk. After plenty of consideration, the Dutchman called with :::Jh:::8h for jacks and eights, Kalaroutis was caught bluffing with the :::Ah:::Qh.

The Greek busted soon after and was followed to the rail by Gary Clarke, Rene Dif, and Narcis Gabriel Nedelcu.

Jeroen van Belzen130,00035,000
Dimitrios Kalaroutis0
Gary Clarke0-25,000
Rene Dif0-72,000
Narcis Gabriel Nedelcu0-30,000