Van Brabander Doubles With Aces

Charlotte Van Brabander

Charlotte Van Brabander opened to 2,500 and Anne Meri called from the small blind. Semere Haile three-bet to 11,300 from the blind, Van Brabander four-bet to 27,500 and Meri quickly folded.

Haile went in the tank before shoving all in, effectively 49,900 for Van Brabander to call. The Belgian Unibet Poker wasted no time in calling the rest of her stack off.

Charlotte Van Brabander: :::Ah:::As
Semere Haile: :::Kc:::Kd

It was the dream scenario for Van Brabander and her hand held up on :::Ad:::Jh:::3c:::Qs:::3s. Van Brabander now has more than 100,000 in chips.

Charlotte Van Brabander 106,000 76,000
Semere Haile 40,000 -51,000