Van Brabander Hits a Flush Against ‘ONSCREEN’

Charlotte Van Brabander

The board was down :::qs:::ac:::8d:::3d, and with 95,000 in the middle, Unibet Belgium ambassador Charlotte Van Brabander bet 40,000 from the small blind.

Unibet esports player Craig ‘ONSCREEN’ Shannon went into the tank for a close to a minute before he called and the river card fell the :::4d.

Van Brabander bet 65,000 and ‘ONSCREEN’ needed time to think once again. ‘ONSCREEN’ counted out the bet from his 200,000 stack and placed it into the middle 20 seconds later.

Van Brabander tabled :::kd:::9d for a flush, and ‘ONSCREEN’ mucked :::ad:::jh.

Charlotte Van Brabander 560,000 37,000
Craig ‘ONSCREEN’ Shannon 140,000 -175,000