Van Lancker Claims First Pot

Vincent Gabel raised to 250 on the button and was called by defending Unibet Open London Champion Gerret Van Lancker in the big blind. Both players checked the :::Qc:::6c:::4d flop and Van Lancker bet the :::5h turn for 325, Gabel called. On the :::4h river, Van Lancker bet 500 and his fellow countryman folded.

"Show the bluff, make me look stupid, they are writing it up," Gabel joked but Van Lancker simply sent his cards into the muck. While the hand was taking place, two-time Unibet Open champion Mateusz Moolhuizen sat down and took a seat at the same table.

Gerret Van Lancker 30,700
Mateusz Moolhuizen 30,000
Vincent Gabel 29,425