Vandanapu Hits Trips

Vamshi Vandanapu raised to 55,000 from middle position and saw Andrew Christoforou defend his big blind.

The flop fell :::ac:::9s:::5d and Christoforou check-called a c-bet from Vandanapu.

The turn was the :::5s and Christoforou once again check-called a bet from Vandanapu, this time for 85,000.

Christoforou checked for the third and final time after the river revealed the :::jh, and Vandanapu bet 105,000.

Christoforou thought for 30 seconds but ultimately called.

Vandanapu tabled :::8h:::5d for trips, and Christoforou mucked.

Vamshi Vandanapu 900,000 370,000
Andrew Christoforou 460,000 -85,000