Vandenbogert Bursts the Bubble

Jan Vandenbogert

Yiqian Song, playing middle position, and Jan Vandenbogert in the hijack got all their chips into the middle for a 240,000 chip pot, with Vandenbogert, the player at risk.

Song: :::qh:::qd
Vandenbogert: :::ks:::kc

Board: :::qs{10c}:::3d:::6d:::jh

Vandenbogert was in a great spot to double with his dominating pocket pair, but the queen in the window flipped the situation on its head, and Song took the lead.

With a crowd watching on, the turn and river cards were no savior to Vandenbogert, and he departed as the bubble boy.

The remaining 63 players are all guaranteed a minimum cash worth £1,800.

Yiqian Song 450,000 197,000
Jan Vandenbogert 0 -230,000