Vinokurov Busts Hyper-Turbo Champion Locke

Toby Locke won the hyper-turbo event two days ago, but he isn’t adding the Main Event trophy to his collection after he just busted against Anton Vinokurov.

Both players had about 80,000 in there preflop and the flop came down :::Jh:::5d:::9s. Locke bet from the big blind and he pushed 55,000 over the line. Vinokurov raised to 125,000 and after only a couple of seconds, Locke moved all in for a bit over 300,000 in total. Vinokurov called and the cards went on their backs.

Toby Locke: :::Ac:::Jd
Anton Vinokurov: :::Ks:::Kh

The board ran out with the :::7d turn and the :::5h river and Locke wasn’t able to improve and was eliminated from the tournament.

Anton Vinokurov850,000450,000
Toby Locke0-190,000