Vinokurov Crosses the 5 Million Mark

Anton Vinokurov

Amir Shomron raised for the third hand in a row with :::6h:::6c from the under the gun position. It folded around to small blind Florin Elisei who found :::Kc:::Qs and he thought about it. He called the bet and one seat over it was chip leader Anton Vinokurov who found :::Ad:::Jd. Vinokurov called and they went three-way to the flop.

The flop came down :::8s:::As:::9s. Florin flopped a flush draw while Anton flopped top pair. Elisei and Vinokurov both checked to initial raiser Shomron and he continued with a bet of 270,000. Elisei folded his flush draw, but Vinokurov called.

The turn was the :::Ac and Vinokurov checked to Shomron. Shomron checked behind and the river was the :::4h. Vinokurov checked to Shomron again with his three-of-a-kind aces. Shomron checked behind to see he couldn’t beat Vinokurov’s hand with his pair of sixes.

Anton Vinokurov 5,150,000 700,000
Florin Elisei 3,490,000 -280,000
Amir Shomron 1,270,000 -260,000