Vinokurov Raises Three in a Row

Anton Vinokurov has been quite the aggressive player yesterday and he’s not slowing down today. He just raised three hands in a row.

In the first hand, Vinokurov raised to 90,000 from late position and he got called by Vitalijs Zavorotnijs. They both checked on all streets to have the :::Qs:::2s:::4c:::3d:::2h board out there. Zavorotnijs tabled :::8c:::7d and Vinokurov showed :::As:::6s to take down the first hand.

In the second hand, Vinokurov raised from late position to 90,000 and his left-hand neighbor, Pawel Zoladkiewicz called. Florin Elisei three-bet from the button to 355,000 and both Vinokurov and Zoladkiewicz gave up.

In the third hand, the Russian player raised to 90,000 again, this time from middle position. Zoladkiewicz three-bet to 195,000 and it folded to small blind Lucian Bera. He went into the tank for a couple minutes before letting go of his hand. The rest of the players in the hand folded as well and Zoladkiewicz took down the pot.

Anton Vinokurov 2,850,000 0