Vojtech Susta Eliminated in 6th Place (€19,360)

Vojtech Susta

Anton Vinokurov moved all in with :::Kh:::Qs from middle position. Vojtech Susta called from the cutoff with :::9s:::9h and Cosmin Cimpeanu called from the button with :::As:::Ks.

Vinokurov was in the position to bust two players from the tournament. The flop was :::4c:::2d:::Jd and that didn’t change anything. The turn was the :::8h and didn’t change anything either. The river was the :::Kd which gave Cimpeanu the best hand to double up and eliminate Susta.

Anton Vinokurov8,785,000-545,000
Cosmin Cimpeanu3,315,0001,985,000
Florin Elisei3,195,000-55,000
Carmen Zainescu1,820,000230,000
Adrian Ionescu650,000-240,000