Walshe Runs Into a Better Pair

Barry McMahon

Kevin Walshe raised and faced the three-bet of Barry McMahon from one seat over. Walshe jammed for around 35,000 and McMahon quickly called, tabling the :::Jd:::js. Walshe only had the :::9s:::9d and the board came :::Qd:::7s:::2s:::Qc:::5d to provide no help.

Zeik Tuit and Thomas Svendgaard also ran out of chips, soon followed by Ville Hakala on the feature table. Hakala got it in with :::Ks:::Qc against the :::As:::Ac of Richard O’Neill and the Irishman hit top set on the :::Ad{10d}:::7d:::Qs:::5c board.

Richard O’Neill140,00040,000
Barry McMahon110,000110,000
Zeik Tuit0-65,000
Ville Hakala00
Kevin Walshe0-67,000
Thomas Svendgaard00