Wendt Flushes Spicer

Martin Wendt

Martin Wendt three-bet to 22,000 and then faced the shove of Jonathan Spicer from two seats over. Wendt called all in and the cards were tabled, suggesting a likely split pot.

Martin Wendt: :::Ad:::Kd
Jonathan Spicer: :::As:::Kh

The :::Jh:::9d:::8d flop let Spicer jump out of his chair, and sure enough the :::5d on the turn gave Wendt a flush. Spicer was left with just 12 big blinds, as the meaningless :::9c fell on the river still. Wendt doubled up for 92,000 and has an average stack now.

Martin Wendt195,00029,500
Jonathan Spicer65,000-50,000