Wendt Starts Hot

On a flop of :::Ac{10h}:::6h, Martin Wendt in the cutoff checked and called a bet of 300 by Pablo Sanz Quiles on the button. The :::7h turn was checked by Wendt and Sanz Quiles fired another 1,800, again Wendt came along. The :::2c river completed the board and Wendt checked the third street in a row.

Sanz Quiles now overbet 5,700 and Wendt took 90 seconds before making the call. It was a good one, as Sanz Quiles tabled :::Jc:::9h for a bluff, while Wendt won the hand with :::Ah:::4c for top pair.

Martin Wendt40,00010,000
Pablo Sanz Quiles19,00019,000