Win for Unibet Ambassador Ian Simpson

Ian Simpson

The flop was down {10h}:::2c:::3c, and the action checked to Unibet ambassador Ian Simpson, and he bet 500 from middle position.

The player in the small blind folded before Jabran Zahid raised to 1,500. Simpson made the call, and they went heads-up to a :::ad turn card.

Zahid bet 2,600 and Simpson called before the river revealed the :::jd.

Zahid continued his story and bet 6,000. Simpson checked his cards before thinking for 20 seconds then rechecking them. After ten more seconds passed, Simpson picked up a calling chip and flicked it into the middle.

Zahid nodded in defeat and tabled :::6c:::8c for the missed flush draw. Simpson flipped over :::9d:::9h and won the pot with fourth pair.

Ian Simpson 40,000
Jabran Zahid 20,000