Winsor vs. Heinze

Ben Winsor raised to 4,500 and saw four players call.

The flop fell :::ah:::2s:::2h, and the action checked around to Olvedo Heinze in the hijack who bet 7,500.

Three players folded to before Winsor called and after the turn card fell the :::3c, Winsor bet 15,000.

Heinze called, and Winsor bet 25,000 on the :::8h river.

Heinze rechecked his cards and thought for 30 seconds before he made the call.

Winsor flipped over :::as:::3s for two pair and Heinze open mucked :::ac:::kd.

Ben Winsor 200,000 3,500
Olvedo Heinze 90,000 0