Villu Metsur

Michael Justesen limped in for 400 from under the gun. A couple of other players limped along and the small blind completed. In the big blind, Villu Metsur smelled weakness and elected to open-shove his stack of around 20,000, or 50 big blinds.

Justesen called, the other players folded and Metsur was caught with his hand in the proverbial cookie jar.

Michael Justesen: :::Ah:::Qd
Villu Metsur: :::9s:::6h

Justesen had Metsur covered and the Fin was suddenly at risk for his tournament life. The :::Td:::Tc:::4d flop was to no avail but the :::9d turn gave him an improbable lead in the hand. The :::As on the river swung it right back to Justesen and Metsur headed off for an early shower.

Michael Justesen 50,000 50,000
Villu Metsur 0 0