Zeitoun Doubles Through Houri

Alan Carr limped in middle position and Yehoram Houri called. Johann Zeitoun then raised all in for 71,000. Carr folded and Houri tank-called.

Johan Zeitoun: :::ad:::jd
Yehoram Houri: :::as:::5s

Houri picked up a flush draw on the :::7s:::2s:::2h flop and chop outs on the :::ac turn, but the :::6d river bricked and Zeitoun doubled up.

Tabish Zaman395,000131,000
Jean Yves Chicheportiche350,00042,000
Alan Carr225,0007,000
Peter Jaksland195,000-21,000
Johann Zeitoun175,00048,000
Johnny Hansen110,00030,000
Yehoram Houri80,000-103,000
Gilles Segers25,000-134,000