Another Pot for Groblewski; Clarke Jams

Feature Table

Mick McCloskey has taken over control on the feature table and boosted his stack to 1.5 million. Jakub Groblewski had stuck around, grinding a short stack, and raised with the :::Ad:::7c in the hijack. McCloskey called on the button with :::Qh:::Jd and the flop brought {10c}:::6d:::2c. Groblewski bet 75,000 and McCloskey folded.

Soon after, McCloskey raised to 65,000 with :::7d:::7s and Patrick Clarke shoved for 665,000 with :::As:::9s. McCloskey tank-folded and Clarke claimed the pot.

Mick McCloskey1,500,000145,000
Patrick Clarke805,000265,000
Jakub Groblewski615,000140,000