Limited Action on the Outer Table

Outer Table

Robbie McCormack defended his big blind against a min-raise by Henri Koivisto and another 60,000 each followed on the :::8c:::5h:::3d flop. On the :::Qs turn, McCormack checked and Koivisto got through with a bet of 125,000 to force a fold.

Paul Jux Holderness then won a pot against Koivisto after betting the :::Ah{10c}:::3h:::Kh turn for 80,000 and the :::9d river for 155,000. Koivisto called the first bet, then folded to the second bet.

Henri Koivisto1,950,0000
Paul Jux Holderness1,300,00050,000
Robbie McCormack1,100,000-45,000
Keith Brennan600,000-100,000