Arvin Vahdat Eliminated in 13th Place (€7,500)

Arvin Vahdat

Arvin Vahdat was just eliminated in 13th place for €7,500 on a bit of a cooler. He opened from early position to 110,000. Anton Vinokurov from one seat over three-bet to 275,000.

The action folded back around to Vahdat who four-bet jammed for about 700,000 and Vinokurov quickly called.

Arvin Vahdat: :::Kh:::kc
Anton Vinokurov: :::Ah:::As

Vahdat needed a bit of help on the board to win the hand. However, the :::2d:::8d:::9d:::tc:::2h board ran all blanks for Vahdat and he hit the rail.

After the hand, Vinokurov extended his chip leading stack to 5,000,000.

Anton Vinokurov5,000,0001,725,000
Arvin Vahdat0-1,300,000