Baltateanu Busts Chiriac

Silviu Baltateanu

Petre Chiriac flopped a flush draw and turned an open ender with :::Qd:::Jd when he got it in against the :::Ac:::As of Silviu Baltateanu. On the {10d}:::7d:::6c:::Kh turn, Chiriac had a lot of outs, but bricked off on the :::2s river to forfeit his remaining, 70,000 in chips.

Baltateanu celebrated his victory loudly, having nearly doubled his stack, and continued to talk loudly in Romanian for nearby tables to hear while raking in the pot.

Silviu Baltateanu197,00077,000
Bogdan Bogorin0-53,000
Petre Chiriac0-20,700
Daniel Dolcic0-77,500
Igor Pirnau0-20,200
Attila Gombos0-42,800
Mihaela Roman0-65,000