Winsor vs. Locke

The board was down :::js:::6h:::6d:::7s and Toby Locke, playing from the cutoff, check-called a 7,200 bet from Ben Winsor on the button.

The river fell the :::6s, and Locke checked again. Winsor made a pot-sized shove for 25,000 and Locke went into the tank.

Locke, who was sat with a 35,000 stack, sighed and was visibly frustrated by the decision he had to make.

"Will you show if I fold?" questioned Locke after a minute had passed, but Winsor remained silent.

"I should not be folding this" declared Locke, 30 seconds later, as he lifted his cards into the air and mucked.

Winsor has happy to show Locke he held :::as:::5s for the nut flush, and Locke laughed to himself as Winsor picked up the pot.

Ben Winsor 50,000 20,000
Toby Locke 35,000 35,000