Pyke Shows a Straight

Danny Pyke

The flop was down :::3s:::7h:::9c, and Ben Winsor checked from the big blind.

Danny Pyke bet 2,100 from under the gun, and Florian Ribouchon raised to 5,500 from the button.

Winsor got out of the way before Pyke called and the turn card fell the :::8d. Both players checked, and the river was the :::5c.

Pyke moved all in for 25,000 and Ribouchon went into the tank.

"You don’t have a set. Do you have tens?" questioned Pyke.

Ribouchon nodded in agreement before he began to think again.

"I’ve got a massive hand, let’s save some time," joked Pyke, and Ribouchon smiled.

Just a few seconds later, Pyke got his answer as Ribouchon folded.

Pyke, who took third place in the High Roller yesterday, tabled the :::6s, which was followed by the :::5s for a straight before he picked up the pot uncontested.

Florian Ribouchon 60,000 60,000
Danny Pyke 45,000 45,000
Ben Winsor 30,000 30,000