Bhavin Khatri Eliminated in 5th Place (£17,720)

Gerret Van Lancker & Bhavin Khatri

Bhavin Khatri’s second deep run in two years has come to an end in fifth place. Last year, Khatri almost went all the way and finished second to Dave Shallow, cashing £42,500.

The 32-year old, who runs his own tennis academy in Harrow, couldn’t get much going at this year’s final table. Khatri had to wait out the super short stacks and dwindled down himself in the process.

With a few big blinds remaining, Khatri picked up :::As:::Ah and got it all in against Gerret Van Lancker, who held :::Ks:::Kc. Khatri’s dreams were smashed on a :::Kh:::9c:::2d:::5h:::5s board, as Van Lancker found the king he needed.

The academy owner added £17,720 and another Unibet Open final table to his poker resumé.

Bhavin Khatri 0 -470,000