Van Lancker Makes a Monster Double

Gerret van Lancker

Gerret Van Lancker raised with :::Ad:::3d on the button, Dejan Govedic folded :::Kd:::5d and Francis Foord-Brown defended with :::Td:::9d. The flop came down :::2d:::9h:::Ac. Foord-Brown checked, Van Lancker bet 165,000 and Foord-Brown called.

The :::6d on the turn gave both players a flush draw and Foord-Brown checked again. Van Lancker now bet 400,000 and Foord-Brown called with his pair and inferior draw.

The :::8d on the river completed the backdoor flush for both players. Foord-Brown was done checking and fired out a hefty bet of 750,000. Van Lancker took his time before shoving the rest in, 1,500,000 in total.

Foord-Brown snap-called and got shown the bad news. The Brit was left with just 7 big blinds, but doubled the hand afterwards.

Gerret Van Lancker 4,650,000 2,710,000
Francis Foord-Brown 1,350,000 -2,275,000