Bizineche Doubles

Radu Lungu was one of the three players that doubled on the bubble, but he has since been eliminated. Gert Bransteert, David Tobi and Georgios Angelos Tavoularis followed. Adrian Bizineche would have been the next on that quickly growing list, but he found a fortunate double.

Bizineche shoved for 10 big blinds from the small blind with the :::7d:::3c. Alexandre de Zutter called with :::Kd:::8c and Bizineche spiked a three on the flop.

Alexandre de Zutter580,000-70,000
Adrian Bizineche165,0007,000
Radu Lungu0-38,500
Georgios Angelos Tavoularis0-215,000
David Tobi0-152,500
Gert Bransteert0-108,500