Down to 69 Players

As expected, the eliminations come in quickly once the bubble has burst and the screens already show just 69 players remaining.

Among those to bust a few minutes ago were Slaven Popov, Asbjorn Elvevold, Constantin Cosmin and Laurentiu Florin Dumitru.

Cosmin was at risk with :::Ad:::7c against the :::6s:::6d of Bogdan Petrascu. The board ran out :::Kd:::7h:::9c{10d}:::6d and the six on the river spelled the end for Cosmin.

Popov followed soon after with ace-eight against the king-ten of Alexandre de Zutter.

Bogdan Petrascu580,000475,000
Slaven Popov0-60,000
Asbjorn Elvevold0-132,500
Laurentiu Florin Dumitru0-85,000
Constantin Cosmin0-110,000