Bjornli Gets Short and Busted

After sending a double up to Connor Quinn, Stig Bjornli was down to just 100,000 chips. He shipped all in from the hijack and Henri Jantunen re-shoved all in on the button with two small stacks in the blinds. Both of the blinds folded and the cards were tabled.

Henri Jantunen: :::kh:::kc
Stig Bjornli: :::td:::8d

The flop of :::ac:::6c:::4d provided no immediate help for Bjornli who would need to catch runner-runner in order to stay alive. The :::2h on the turn meant he was drawing dead to the :::ks on the river as Jantunen stacked even more chips.

Henri Jantunen1,380,000130,000
Connor Quinn30,000-145,000
Stig Bjornli0-423,000