Demircan Had One Foot Out the Door

Serdar Demircan

Henri Jantunen opened to 35,000 and Serdar Demircan shipped all in for 110,000 just a couple of seats over. The action folded back to Jantunen who quickly called.

Serdar Demircan: :::ad:::qc
Henri Jantunen: :::3c:::3d

The flop came :::td:::6c:::2d and Jantunen was still in the lead with his pair of threes. The :::6d on the turn gave Demircan a flush draw but it was the :::th that hit the river.

Demircan packed up his things and not a word was said until the dealer noticed that Jantunen’s pair of threes was counterfeit by the double-pair on the board. Demircan sat back down as he was still alive, albeit as one of the shortest stacks still.

Henri Jantunen1,250,000275,000
Serdar Demircan260,000-10,000