Bostan Dominates Early Heads Up Stage

Hand 1

Eli Heath raised to 325,000 with the :::As:::Kd and Traian Bostan defended the :::7h:::2h. On the :::7s:::3c:::2d flop, Bostan check-raised from 325,000 to 900,000 and Heath called. On the :::Jd turn, the action went check, check, and Bostan claimed the pot without showdown by betting the :::6s river for 900,000.

Hand 2

Bostan raised with the :::Kc:::Kh, Heath defended the :::4c:::3c, then folded a blank flop.

Hand 3

Heath raised with the :::5d:::5c and Bostan called with the :::Ks{10d}. On the :::As{10h}:::4d flop, Bostan check-called a continuation bet before the :::Ac turn triggered no betting. Bostan then bet the :::7c river for 500,000 and Heath folded.

Traian Bostan10,560,0002,245,000
Eli Heath7,440,000-3,360,000