Some More for Bostan

Eli Heath won one pot with :::8s:::6s versus :::Ks:::9c when rivering a straight, but Traian Bostan checked behind with king-high.

Bostan then raised the :::Ah:::9d and Heath called with :::Ks:::8s. The :::5s:::5h:::6d flop went check, check, and Heath then check-folded the :::6h turn to a bet.

After a checked flop of :::Qs:::Jh:::2s and checked turn of :::8d, Bostan then bet the :::5d river for 400,000 and Heath called with a pair of eights, Bostan had :::Js{10h} for a pair of jacks.

Traian Bostan11,360,000800,000
Eli Heath6,560,000-880,000