Bostan’s Lead Grows Again

In a limped pot , Eli Heath checked the flop of {10c}:::9d:::8s with :::9h:::2s for middle pair. Traian Bostan checked behind with :::Qh:::5c and then bet the :::Qc turn with his top pair to rake in the pot.

Heath limped with the :::Qc:::3d and Bostan checked with :::3s:::2c. On the :::9c:::3c:::5d flop, Heath bet 250,000 and Bostan check-called to improve to two pair on the :::2d turn. After the {10c} river, Bostan bet 500,000 and Heath folded.

Bostan also bet the :::Ac:::Ks:::2d flop for 300,000 with :::Kd:::4c and Heath called with :::Qd:::2c. The :::7s turn went check, check, and Bostan’s bet of 500,000 on the {10s} river went through uncalled.

Traian Bostan11,880,0002,205,000
Eli Heath6,050,000-2,205,000