Standing Still

Traian Bostan definitely has some run good in this heads up duel and takes most of the pots as of lately. In a limped pot with :::Js:::4s, he flopped two pair against the {10d}:::4c of Eli Heath on :::Jc:::6h:::4h.

Heath check-called a bet of 250,000 and then check-folded the :::Ac turn.

Then, Bostan tried to bluff by betting the :::Qh:::Js:::8s:::As turn with the :::6d:::5d and Heath check-called his bet of 300,000 with :::Ad:::9s. On the :::Qd river, Bostan checked behind and then smiled when he spotted the hand of his opponent.

Traian Bostan9,675,000-680,000
Eli Heath8,255,000680,000