Brock Folds Three Times

Henri Koivisto raised to 100,000 with the :::As:::Kh and Michael Brock three-bet to 255,000 in the cutoff with :::Jc{10c}. Koivisto four-bet all in for 1,140,000 and Brock sent his cards into the muck.

Brock then raised to 100,000 with :::Ks:::6h and David Schable jammed for 775,000 with the :::Ac:::Js, Brock once again folded.

Brock made it 100,000 to go with :::Ks:::Js and Julien Kron three-bet to 430,000 with :::Ad:::9s in the small blind, which saw Brock release his cards for the third time in quick succession when facing resistance.

Michael Brock2,600,000-465,000
Julien Kron2,500,000120,000
Henri Koivisto1,500,000200,000