Brunnberg Makes a Big Fold

Over on the feature table, the action has caught up to an interesting hand between Emil Brunnberg and Alexandru Farcasanu. The former opened with :::9h:::9s and Farcasanu three-bet to 2,200 with :::Ac:::Qc on the button, the call of Brunnberg followed. Both checked the :::Jc:::7d:::6c flop and the :::9c turn brought a bet of 3,000 by Brunnberg. Farcasanu raised to 7,400 and picked up a call.

On the :::Qs river, Brunnberg remained second-best with his set and checked, prompting a bet of 18,200 by Farcasanu with the nut flush. Brunnberg gave it some consideration and indeed folded.

Alexandru Farcasanu59,00022,000
Emil Brunnberg28,000-4,000